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$3,699 USD Gastric Sleeve

Full Service Hospital Certified for Medical Tourists

Medical Complication Insurance Incl.

Space is Limited - Restrictions Apply

All Inclusive (except airfare)

Lifetime Guarantee*

*Our Lifetime Guarantee means that we will give you a perfect gastric sleeve or we will fix it for free! You will never pay for a "resleeve" or "sleeve revision." We will reimburse your airfare if it turns out we did not give you what you paid for. Having a gastric sleeve does not guarantee weight loss. Results vary depending on the patient’s post-op diet, exercise, overall nutrition and in some cases hormone related issues. Please call for further details. Limited space available.

A "Certified Hospital" is a Really Big Deal

Hospital Guadalajara where Trinity Medical performs surgeries has earned the Mexican Federal Government's General Council of Health Accreditation (CSG), equivalent to the Joint Commission Accreditation (JCI). The other two surgical facilities in Tijuana with CSG certification are (1) Angeles Hospital, and (2) Obesity Control Center. To view a PDF of the Official Mexican Federal Government's Certified Hospitals list CLICK HERE. See rows # 87, 88 & 93.

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Meet Our Chief Bariatric Surgeon: Dr. Luis Pasten

Trained at Obesity Control Center in Tijuana, Mexico and attends continuing education at Harvard University every six months.

Dr. Pasten Welcoming You To Tijuana

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Meet Our Concierge: Miguel Gonzalez

Will greet you when you arrive at the Hospital, and will be your "go to" person for anything you need during your stay with us in Mexico.

Meet Our Dietitian: Ana Vargas

She will visit with you at the Hospital during your procedure. Feel free to ask any questions about diet, exercise or anything you feel is important to ask.

Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS)

Available for additional cost for BMI's of 35 or Less. One incision in the belly button leaves no visible scar - $1,500 USD  additional.


Incisions Are Sutured Internally And Sealed With Surgical Glue

Included With Every Surgery We Do.


Our Surgeons & Medical Staff Speak English Fluently, No Interpreters Needed


Phone Consultation With Your Surgeon 2 Weeks Prior To Your Scheduled Surgery

Phone consult pic

Five Weight Loss Surgeries Per Day Maximum


Got Guest? Free Full Body Massage & Facial for Guest

60 Minute Full Body Massage Plus 30 Minute Facial, Shower Available at Affiliated Medical Spa

massage pic

Gastric Sleeve

$4,500 USD


  • Most popular weightloss procedure
  • Cures diabetes, sleep apnea
  • Cures high blood pressure
  • Cures high cholesterol 
  • New stomach roughly 4 ounces
  • Same day surgery available 


Sleeve Revision

$4,000 USD

Gastric Sleeve Revision:

  • Very common procedure
  • X-ray prior to surgery required 
  • Same process as new sleeve patient
  • Post-op X-ray to confirm new sleeve
  • Same day surgery available
sleeve revision xray

Adjustable Gastric Band

$4,000 USD


  • Not very popular
  • Reversible procedure
  • Problematic vomiting
  • Unable to eat certain foods
  • Foreign object that eventually will be removed.

Band To Sleeve

$5,000 USD

  • X-ray required before surgery
  • If eroded, no sleeve possible
  • If eroded, stomach must heal
  • Same process as gastric sleeve
  • Same day surgery available


$6,000 USD

  • Recommended only in few cases
  • Requires 3 night stay
  • Longer recovery
  • Same day surgery available

Gastric Bypass

$6,500 USD

Bypass Reconstruction $7,000 USD

  • Considered a last resort 
  • Bypass reconstruction available
  • Reconstructionrequires 1 night additional stay.
  • Reconstruction require endoscope before surgery
  • Same day surgery is NOT available
Roux en Y Gastric Bypass

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