Breast implants in Tijuana by itself, price range “varies”, from the inexpensive economical saline filled implants to the top of the line gel cohesive (also known as gummy bears) and come is an array of shapes and sizes.  Regardless of whatever type of implant our patients’ request, all surgeries are performed in a full-service Mexican Federal Government “Certified Hospital for Medical tourists.”

Breast implants is a common term used to describe the medical procedure known as breast augmentation.  Depending on the shape and condition of the patient’s breast, sometimes a “lift” is required to achieve proper placement of the nipple. Breast augmentation Tijuana is really cost effective compared to getting this procedure done in the U.S.

Breast Implants Tijuana

What Type of Breast Augmentation and What Trinity Medical Recommends

Liquid Saline (“salt water”) implants are the most economical for patients but do have a higher rate of failure due to rupture.  An accidental fall or sudden impact on the breast could cause the plastic to rupture and leak all its contents into the breast tissue.  Because the breast implants are saline, or salt water, there is no serious side effect other than having a deflated breast or breasts.  If this happens, patients should contact Trinity Medical to schedule corrective surgery which will basically be another breast augmentation and the patient will have to incur the cost for the corrective surgery.

Liquid silicone implants are also a mid-range price option and producing a more natural feel as compared to the saline implants.  If possible, we generally recommend to our patients to stay away from liquid silicone because in the event of a rupture, the silicone will fill the breast and most likely will cause very negative reactions in the patient’s body.  Again, if a rupture happens with this type of silicone breast implant, corrective surgery will be needed.  The patient will be advised to contact Trinity Medical and schedule another breast corrective surgery as well as incur cost.

Breast augmentations with silicone gel-cohesive, more commonly referred to as “gummy bears” and by far the most natural feeling of all the implants used for breast augmentation.  These are highly recommended due to patient’s overall satisfaction with the look and feel, and just as important is the inert nature of the gel if an implant rupture were to occur.  In addition, several of the leading manufactures offer a lifetime guarantee whereby the manufacturer will pay Trinity Medical to replace an implant if a failure were to occur and hence pass on those benefits to our patients.

Patients often are asked if they need a lift.  Lift refers to a mastopexy whereby the breast is raised by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue to reshape and support the new breast contour.  In simple terms, once an implant is introduced into the breast, the resulting placement of the nipple should be facing forward on the patient.  Sometimes, because of significant weight loss, or post child bearing will result in a condition where the nipple placement will need to be modified, or “lifted” to achieve the proper placement and provide for an attractive physical appearance.

Breast implants come in various sizes.  What size should you get? That is a decision between you and your surgeon, but our surgeon will recommend a size that would make you appear normal and natural depending on your unique physical appearance.  Sometimes patients come in with expectations that are not realistic.  Thickness and overall health of your skin, age, nutrition and whether you are bariatric patient all play key roles in determining and size of your breast implants.

Breast Augmentation Tijuana

How the implant is introduced into the breast is also varied.  At Trinity Medical, we generally recommend that implants be introduced through the bottom of the breast for very specific medical reasons.  Through the nipple (periareolar incisions) is also an option if the patient is clear of the increased risks of infection, and potential hardening of the implants post-op.

The breast implant surgery itself is relatively simple, but special care should be taken by every plastic surgery patient to have their hemoglobin level as high as possible on the day of surgery.  Chronically anemic patients must understand that it is possible their surgery may be cancelled by the plastic surgery team if they determine your hemoglobin levels too low to safely perform the breast augmentation surgery.  It is unwise and not worth the risk to undergo a blood transfusion for this type of plastic surgery.  Eating lots of liver, foods rich in iron, taking iron supplements and blood builders are ideal beginning at least two months prior to a scheduled surgery.

All breast implants are medical devices and have a unique serial number.  With every type of implant, our patients will receive documentation indicating the serial number and will show that it is registered to the patient.

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