Buttock augmentation in Tijuana Mexico is safe, affordable and there are a few different ways to achieve the desired results. Sometimes referred to as the “Brazilian Butt Lift” the augmentation can be achieved by (1) with the patient’s own body fat harvested from liposuction, also from (2) silicone implants and finally from (3) a circular tummy tuck.

Fat graft buttock augmentation is sometimes referred to as “liposuction with fat transfer to the buttocks” is a very common procedure usually performed along with a tummy tuck or mommy makeover. The patient’s own hemoglobin level (red blood cell count) is critically important to the amount of fat that can be harvested with liposuction, and the speed of healing during post-op. Only small incisions where the cannula is inserted to harvest the fat, which is normally harvested in the abdominal area, but can also be in the love handles, bra line and the patient’s back. Then, the fat is transferred to the patient’s buttock through special needles after the fat is centrifuged.  From there, the best quality fat is introduced into the patient’s back side.

buttock augmenation tijuana mexico

Silicone implants to augment the buttocks are a good alternative for patients that do not have sufficient body fat to do a fat transfer. Special attention is required from the patient with regards to their personal hygiene. The insertion of the implants is made through a small incision just above the patient’s anus. Once healed, the incision scar remains virtually invisible but the impact on the silhouette is undeniable. There are different shape silicone implants and the size and shape of the implants used is determined with your surgeon for the desired effect.

A butt lift resulting from the lower body lift or circular tummy tuck, accomplishes lifting of the skin on the patient’s lower body, resulting in a shapelier buttock following a circular tummy tuck. The effect is accomplished by simply changing the shape without adding volume. The procedure will usually require one drain tube for non-bariatric patients, and two drain tubes for post bariatric patients. In both cases, the patient will remain with us in Tijuana and will not be permitted to return home with drain tubes. Our plastic surgeon insists that he is the only one that will remove the drain tubes when it is time to do so. Removing drain tubes too early will result in a slew of unwanted complications, and any issues that can result with a drain tube will only be dealt with by our plastic surgeon. We cannot stress enough how dangerous it can be for patients to return home with drain tubes in place.

With all plastic surgery patients, we highly recommend a specific diet designed to stabilize the patient’s blood sugar along with a special recommended form of collagen which will rebuild the skin over time. This will help eliminate stretch marks, get rid of incision scars, get back soft, supple and thick skin. One of the other supplements that can be taken is a specific amino acid to prevent loss of muscle mass. In every case we don’t recommend that patients only take one supplement by itself. Our bodies require a complete well-rounded vitamin and mineral protocol along with essential fatty acids. Any one of these vitamins or minerals does virtually nothing by itself, but in combination they do work miracles. We need a minimum of 90 vitamins and minerals daily. Even the most popular vitamins sold over the counter have between 24 and 30 vitamins and minerals, in a tablet form. Our recommendation is for a product that is available either in a powder or liquid form and is bio absorbable. As with any vitamin protocol, the proper dosing is the key to optimal health. The number of vitamins and minerals is per 50 or 100 pounds of body weight. Taken along with essential fatty acids, this can be difficult to take especially in the beginning. Our bodies need time to adjust to such potent and concentrated nutrition and usually needs to be consumed in small quantities throughout the day.

buttock augmenation

Proper digestion is usually lacking in our weight loss patients or as we get older. As we age or because of illness, our ability to digest food properly is compromised. To assume that our bodies produce the proper amount of stomach acids and digestive enzymes is also wrong. We find that patients who supplement with proper enzymes and supplement their meals with digestive acid have significantly superior muscle mass, skin health and overall are in much better shape to undergo plastic surgery.

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