FUE hair transplant in Tijuana Mexico is safe and very affordable and it can run up to 70% savings over the same procedure done in the USA. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the modern hair replacement therapy. With FUE, individual hair follicles are extracted one at a time and relocated to the desired location on the patient’s scalp. The older method of strip harvesting or Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is waning in its popularity. Sometimes referred to as strip harvesting, the FUT involves a strip of scalp being surgically removed from the back of the patient’s head and then the hair follicles are surgically dissected from the strip of scalp. The resulting incision on the patient’s scalp can be unsightly if the physician did not pay close attention to detail. Also, since FUT is a surgical procedure, anesthesia is used, and along with it come the inherent risks of anesthesia and recovery times during post-op.  Usually over time, some FUT patients will eventually wind up bald and shaving their heads completely, thereby revealing the unsightly scar on the back of their head resulting from the strip harvesting.

Tijuana hair transplant reviews range from the incredible to the unmentionable. Your FUE doctor should be a properly licensed dermatologist trained in the FUE technique and have all the appropriate equipment.  There are many general doctors (not dermatologists) trying to get in on the action and make money advertising FUE but their training and certifications leave much to be desired. Be sure to ask for their “cedula” which is their professional license to practice medicine in Mexico and inspect both sides. The back side should indicate their specialty as dermatology.

Fue Hair Transplant

PRP for hair loss therapy is gaining popularity in Tijuana, Mexico as a non-surgical method of re-growing hair in areas of the scalp subjected to hormone related balding such as “male pattern balding.” Platelet rich plasma hair therapy or PRP therapy involves drawing blood from the patient. The blood is then put through a centrifuge whereby the “good” blood plasma, or “platelet rich plasma” is separated from the rest of the patient’s blood. After adding some medication called growth factors, the patient’s own plasma is then injected with micro needles into the patient’s scalp that is suffering from thinning or missing hair. This process can involve a topical anesthetic, but can sometimes include a mild sedative such as valium to help the patient relax or even sleep while the procedure is done. PRP hair restoration is the most advantageous non-surgical hair restoration therapy available today.

The PRP hair loss therapy is essentially a crude form of stem cell therapy combined with anti-inflammatory properties that help to restore proper blood flow to the hair follicles in the patient’s scalp.

prp hair restoration

Every FUE and PRP hair restoration therapy patient should stop smoking. As you may already know, the micro capillaries in the scalp that provide blood flow to the follicles are constricted and reduce blood flow as a direct result of smoking. Blood flow was already reduced by a variety of factors, but adding smoking on top of it simply magnifies the problem. We strongly advise that patients also to use a shampoo with anti-inflammatory properties that will help with blood flow in the scalp and throughout the body.

Providing a good all-around nutritional supplement can also help hair to regrow. A lack of proper nutrition, especially certain vitamins and collagen can impede hair regrowth.  Our preferred vitamin and mineral protocol contain 90 (that’s right 90) vitamin and minerals. Combined with essential fatty acids it provides the mostly complete vitamin protocol currently available today. But the key to any vitamins is the proper dosing. Taking too little or too much can create additional issues. We recommend a specific form of liquid collagen in addition to a special diet designed to stabilize the patient’s blood sugar to help regrow hair and help with overall skin condition. We see many patients make the mistake of eating sugar or foods that convert to sugar quickly which causes a condition known as “cellular inflammation.”  This is bad. When cellular inflammation is present, cells in the patient’s body is swollen at the cellular level. This impedes the transport of nutrients into the cell itself, and further impedes nutrients into the mitochondrial membrane. This also blocks energy production and the expulsion of waste at the cellular level. Your cells are essentially plugged. Lack of energy, metabolic waste buildup and rapidly advancing aging are all sign of cellular inflammation, not to mention, loss of hair. People that have a healthy sugar free diet will age far less quickly and have tremendous amounts of energy.

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