Gastric Bypass in Tijuana Mexico cost is up to 75% less than the USA.  Although, many people know or have heard of gastric bypass, it is generally regarded as “old school” or even outdated today, unless medically necessary for other health problems diagnosed by a physician.  The gastric bypass is generally not recommended by Trinity Medical as a first weight loss surgery of choice for prospective patients that do not have any prior bariatric (weight loss) surgery or procedure.

First developed in the 1960’s the gastric bypass, otherwise known as the Roux-En-Y (RNY) gastric bypass is the oldest and least preferred bariatric procedures due to its long-term issues and problems affecting the patients.  Due to its drastic and nonreversible nature of the surgery itself, Trinity Medical generally prefers to use the gastric bypass as a surgery of last resort.  Long term malabsorption and symptoms referred to as “dumping” make this procedure the least desirable of all the bariatric surgeries.

Even with very high BMI patients we still would recommend a less drastic procedure such as the gastric sleeve.  Following our recommended proper protocol of preparing the patient before surgery with a Detox/Colon Cleanse, then followed up by strict post-op diet protocols, vitamins, enzymes as well as ingredients to avoid in their diet – has proven to be a highly effective integrated approach to the goal of long term and permanent weight loss in all our patients.  Obviously personal responsibility plays a critical part with every patient no matter where they go for surgery.  Patients that resume bad dietary eating habits such as eating candy and drinking milk shakes because they go down easy will result in minimal weight loss, even with a text book perfect bariatric procedure.  For all weight loss surgery patients, what the patient eats, and what a patient does not eat, will both be critically important. However, for a patient with a gastric bypass it can be even more detrimental due to malabsorption.

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Malabsorption is a condition that will cause long term problems in gastric bypass patients.  Being unable to absorb nutrition due to a compromised digestive tract is not good.  This can impact night vision, increase intestinal disturbances, and lead to serious long-term health issues.  Quality and thickness of skin will make any post-op plastic surgery much more difficult.  Many plastic surgeons will simply refuse to operate on gastric bypass patients because of the deleterious effects on the skin, and healing post-op plastic surgery.  This would be a problem with gastric sleeve patients that were very high BMI.  The malabsorption will deprive the patient’s skin from the benefits of proper nutrition and liquid collagen to repair stretch marks and scars.  Patients with gastric bypass will eventually lose the elasticity in their skin causing excessive saggy skin which most plastic surgeons will refuse to treat patients with these conditions due to the patient’s compromised skin and malabsorption.

When we eat food or take vitamins, we assume that our bodies will properly digest and absorb all the nutrients and everything will get into our blood stream and into our cells where they will be used by our bodies.  Often that could not be further from the truth.

To begin with, our patient’s bodies in general, and particularly colons, need to be clean and ready for life after bariatric surgery.  The large amounts of medications and antibiotics given during surgery and take-home post-op will wreak havoc on the patient’s intestinal flora.  Trinity Medical provides detailed instructions on how to properly diagnose intestinal imbalances such as yeast/candida over growths along with detailed instruction on how to rid the body of those conditions post-op.  Repopulation of proper intestinal flora is critical for digestion and should never be taken lightly.  Once the flora is in place, comes the next step in proper nutrition which is to identify the specific ingredients which cause allergic reactions in patient’s body and make weight loss much harder.  By simply avoiding in the patients diet the 10 ingredients that do harm we find that all our patients continue on a healthy and gradual weight loss averaging about half a pound per day.  Excess Weight loss in large amounts will be likely to cause secondary and unwanted side effects such as flabby skin and droopy cheeks which will give the patient an unhealthy visual appearance. 

Trinity Medical provides suggested dietary nutrition to help avoid many of these problems and greatly reduce unhealthy circumstances when patients follow our proper dietary guidelines.

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