Medical Tourism in Tijuana Mexico is the world’s #1 destination city for bariatric surgery.  Tijuana Mexico also includes plastic surgery, hair loss therapy, dental services, and a host of other medical and surgical procedures.  Medical tourism in Tijuana Mexico is unique in its geographical location along the US/Mexico border and is easily accessible by two international airports, San Diego International Airport (SAN) and Tijuana International Airport (TIJ), not to mention the amazing weather, year-round.

Of all the surgical procedures sought after by medical tourists from around the world, bariatric (weight loss) surgery is the most popular.  Dental is not far behind, but dental patients requiring regular visits for services such as braces tend to live along the US/Mexico border and are within driving distance to make the regular office visits economically viable.

Medical Tourism in Tijuana Mexico

The Mexican Federal Government in Mexico City has created a government agency “CSG” responsible for certifying medical facilities for medical tourists.  This certification is like “JCI” certification, but in this case, they are the direct government agency responsible for the certification in Mexico.  As of this writing, there are only three facilities in Tijuana Mexico that are Certified for Medical Tourists.  They are Hospital Angeles, Obesity Control Center (a clinic), and Hospital Guadalajara on Calle 2da in Tijuana, Mexico.  There may be others presently applying for certification, but as of this writing these are the only three.  Everyone else is not “Certified for Medical Tourists.”

Medical Tourists must realize that they are tourists in a foreign country seeking medical services. Patients are “Self-Pay” and are fully responsible for the cost of their medical procedure, and are also responsible for paying any additional costs that may arise from medical complications from their procedure.  Mexico medical tourism cosmetic surgery is Huge, but medical insurance at home in the USA or Canada is NOT valid in Mexico.  For this reason, Trinity Medical provides free of charge Medical Complication Insurance that covers all the procedures that we offer in Mexico.  Trinity Medical only works with Medical professionals that are properly licensed and certified by the Mexican Government and our bariatric and plastics surgeries are performed at a “Certified Full-Service Hospital for Medical Tourists.”

Tijuana Mexico View

In 2017 Tijuana, Mexico, was Ranked No. 8 in places to visit by the New York Times!  Some of the reasons are, is that the food revolution that is currently underway in Tijuana.  This provides for a unique culinary experience for the adventurous gastronomic connoisseurs.  From local street venders, hipster food truck courts, microbrewery’s, to very high-end restaurants such as “Mission 19”, Tijuana offers an array of food choices for every palate.  The only down side to all of this is that our bariatric patients are not able to sample any of the local flavor that Tijuana offers, however if they return afterwards for plastic surgery they certainly are able to eat and enjoy the town.

With a population of 1.5 million people, Tijuana also offers entertainment choices for the medical tourists or their guests.  First run movies, in English with Spanish subtitles can be seen for under $2.00 USD per adult ticket.  VIP Theatres with reclining leather love seats, waiter service, and a variety of foods such as sushi, paninis, and crapes along with alcoholic beverages can be had for as little as $10.00 USD.

Medical Tourism Donkey

Local shopping includes the typical variety of touristy shops with souvenirs including faux Rolex watches and designer handbags can also be found along the world-famous Revolution Avenue in Tijuana Mexico.

Other attractions in or near Tijuana for the Medical Tourists are Rosarito Beach, just south of Tijuana.  As a seaside community with almost 50% of the residents are Americans living in Mexico.  It offers a relaxed and much more tranquil environment compared to the wild and crazy night life of downtown Tijuana.  ATVs and horseback or camel riding on the beach are a few more of the attractions.  A good number of restaurants in Rosarito offer American cooking such as BBQ, grits, biscuits and gravy that cater to the American residents.

A few minutes south of Rosarito is Puerto Nuevo, a seaside lobster fishing village famous for its deep-fried lobster and shopping area.

Just north of Ensenada, Mexico is the Mexico version of Napa Valley.  Several wineries offer wine aficionados – a variety of Mexican wines, along with world-class restaurants and entertainment that are achieving international recognition.

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