payment information


Surgery Payment

Payment of the surgery must be made by Cash, Cashier’s Check or Money Order made out to “TRINITY MEDICAL” for the full amount of your scheduled procedure.

Security Deposit

A $500 USD Security Deposit is required to confirm surgery date. The Security Deposit can be paid via PayPal, clearXchange, ACH Payment, and bank wire.

Security Deposit Refund Policy

(1) Fully refundable before the day of surgery for any reason.

(2) On the day of surgery If surgery is canceled for any reason. The patient is responsible for any hospital fees and costs. The patient will be provided an itemized invoice, and expenses will be deducted from Security Deposit.

(3) After surgery, if a hiatal hernia is repaired during surgery, photo and video evidence will be provided to patient and security deposit will be applied to the cost of hernia repair. Otherwise, the security deposit will be returned within 7 to 10 days post op in the manner it was received.


Citerra Finance

Citerra Finance is a medical loan company that offers convenient options to help patients pay for their medical expenses. For more than 12 years, we have been placing the treatments patients need and want within their reach. Citerra Finance has an easy, accessible and non-complicated process to help patients with financing. We work with patients who need financing for varied medical procedures like:

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Health Finance Center

Health Finance Center (HFC) is a finance lender focused on providing medical loans to patients for various medical procedures not covered by insurance companies. Our rates and terms are affordable, our application and approval process is simple, and we pride ourselves in our professional customer service.

Simple application > Affordable rates > Professional customer service

Applying for a loan should be easy.
Because the last thing you need when it comes to your health is to deal with a lengthy loan process, Health Finance Center’s application is simple, the rates are affordable, and our customer service representatives are always professional in order to provide you the best service.

Everyone deserves a loan for medical purposes.
These days, if finance lenders can make it so easy for people to get something as short lived as a car loan, they most certainly should make it simple for people to get a loan to manage their most important possession, their health. A medical loan from HFC can get you on your way to manage your health successfully without breaking your bank.

Patients come first.
At HFC we pride ourselves in our professional customer service. This is why we strive to keep payments affordable so you can focus on what is most important which is your health. Our customer support team is always available to help guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

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