What to believe? Every patient wants to arrive in the best possible shape for weight loss surgery. Proper preparation will result in patients not having any of the traditional post-op symptoms of laparoscopic surgery such as severe nausea and abdominal pain, cramping, vomiting all night long and feeling like death warmed over. The typical post-op patient would make excellent actors for an episode of the “Walking Dead!” But with so many different guidelines and suggestions depending on who you ask, what is a patient to believe? Well, this blog post is written with the patient’s best interest in mind. Proper preparation takes time and effort. To make bariatric surgery uneventful, it is best to prepare your body for surgery, and to prepare your body for life after surgery. There are ways to lose weight fast, but we want to lose weight in a healthy way. It is possible to lose weight too fast, and we help you avoid those pit falls as well.
Evolution of preparation for surgery. Decades ago, the answer from your surgeon was, “no food or drink after midnight prior to your surgery.” Then in more recent times surgeons’ suggestions range from nothing at all – to eating yogurt, or a day or two of liquids only. The post-op weight loss results are under whelming, and the patient’s weight loss can be so much better. In this business, we have been in the unique position of witnessing thousands of patients go through laparoscopic surgery, and after having questioned these patients, patterns certainly became evident. Those with better preparation suffered less, and those with less preparation suffered more. A few years ago, we began to experiment with patients on a voluntary basis the process of detox/colon cleanse prior to surgery. At first, with products available online, the results were mixed. Some patients achieve good results from a cleanse, others did not. We modified an existing product available online which now achieves the results we are after 100% of the time with bariatric patients.
Detox/Colon Cleanse. 14 days before your scheduled surgery date is the time to start with our Detox/Colon Cleanse. You do not eat any food during your cleanse, but you feel full because everything you take will expand and thicken in your tummy. This kit includes an herbal laxative and individual packets of cleansing ingredients that when mixed with apple juice produce a cleansing drink that is designed to stick to the putrefied mucoidal plaque stuck to the inside of your colon. That is the target of this cleanse. We found that the kit by itself only worked on about half of bariatric patients. We modified the kit and added special ingrediencies, and the results were outstanding. The so-called “poop ropes” were expelled by patients. See attached photos:


Your peristalsis must be working – Peristalsis, or your intestinal contractions that make noise and are responsible for pushing things along within your intestines. Peristalsis can produce noises that are sometimes confused with being hungry. This is absent in some patients, leaving their intestines essentially paralyzed. This can result in chronic and sometimes severe constipation. This can be readily cured by a very competent chiropractor, or certainly a “neurologic chiropractor” with a simple adjustment to your spinal column. The nerves that control peristalsis can get pinched in the spinal column and stop sending signals to your intestines. We have personally witnessed a constipated patient getting an adjustment and within minutes running to the bathroom to expel all the backed up fecal matter. The chiropractic adjustment essentially turned the nerves back on. We have had patients that were constipated have five bowel movement in one evening and their swollen belly become flat by the next morning. If you need help finding a “neurologic chiropractor” try this site https://acnb.org/DoctorLocator.aspx
Stop Smoking 2 weeks Pre-Op through 6 weeks Post-Op. It is well understood that cigarette smoking causes delayed healing of incisions is well recognized in clinical practice. Nicotine is a vasoconstrictor that reduces nutritional blood flow to the skin, resulting in tissue ischemia and impaired healing of injured tissue. See https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/1323208
Stop Caffeine 2 weeks pre-op through 6 weeks post op. We know that many of you will go through caffeine withdrawals including headaches. It is better to go through the caffeine withdrawals before you undergo surgery. Caffeine is also a diuretic that causes dehydration and this is bad after surgery. In addition, caffeine is very acidic which will be very painful to your new stomach after surgery. There is no sense adding to your list of symptoms post-op.
Stop carbonated beverages 2 weeks pre-op through 6 weeks post op. An acidic body is a recipe for death. Every chronic condition in the human body can be traced to an acidic body. It takes twelve cans of water to neutralize the acid in one can of soda/pop. Even mineral water (i.e. carbonated water) is bad for your body. An acidic body is starving for electrons – to blink your eyes, to breathe, move your muscles, walk and talk all require electrical signals in our nerves. Being starved for electrons causes innumerable problems.
Stop eating wheat/barley/rye. We suggest reading “Wheat Belly” by author William Davis, M.D. Today’s genetically modified wheat is no friend of our digestive tract. To be wheat free, and even grain free in general will help to enjoy a happy and healthy life without the problems associated with wheat. Remember the mucoidal plaque that forms the poop rope? Well that came from gluten which is technically a protein, and gluten makes bread and biscuits soft and fluffy, but which is the same gluten that our bodies cannot digest.
Stop eating Sugar. There is no physiological benefit to eating sugar. It is highly addicting and very bad for the human body. We suggest you read “Gluten, Sugar, Starch” by author Eric Morrison
After cleanse, its clear Liquids only until surgery. Avoid eating any fats or fried foods. The purpose of this clear liquids only diet is to shrink your liver so you have an easy time recovering post-op. A full size or fatty liver will cause a great deal of pain in the area right below the breast bone post-op. This liquid only diet works amazingly well to eliminate this pain.
Congratulations! By following our advice, you will arrive in best possible shape for laparoscopic surgery.