PHARMACY – Your take home medications should be included with the price of your scheduled bariatric procedure. Recently it has been brought to our attention that certain joker brokers such as AlighterMe and MexicoBariatricCenter are picking up their patients and driving them to one specific pharmacy where patients are told they must buy. This is a scam. The pharmacy, driver and coordinator are all in on it. Rather than taking you to a place like Revolution Avenue where there are several pharmacies within walking distance to allow you to shop and get the best prices, they lock you into one place and charge whatever they want. You may think it is a good deal compared to prices in the USA, but how do you know what the going market prices really are in Tijuana, Mexico? You don’t. Never accept the one pharmacy you are taken to. Tell the driver you want to go to Revolution Avenue and shop around for different brands and prices.
NAME ON CHECK – The name on your cashier’s check should only be the name of your surgeon or the name of the company that you booked your surgery through. We have learned that several of these unscrupulous joker brokers and their Mexican counterparts are running a scam where the cashier’s check is in some strange name, no the surgeon, not the company. Sometimes the names you are asked to put on the check are the names of the housekeeper or the driver! This is illegal. Wells Fargo Bank is responsible for some of this. The branch located within walking distance of the US/Mexico border located at 637 San Ysidro Blvd is notorious for opening fake and illegal accounts. Of course, Wells Fargo Bank across the United States has been in big trouble for opening millions of fake accounts. Mexican nationals with tourist visas simply walk into Wells Fargo Bank and open fraudulent accounts. We have seen evidence where personal bank accounts are sporting names of fake companies and businesses that do not exist. There is no DBA filing, no corporate registration, no documents of any kind. Wells Fargo is helping these characters cash checks and launder money without any of the proper reporting. Previously, many of these checks were cashed at local check cashing business. But recent changes in California law make it harder for these checks to get cashed, so Wells Fargo stepped in to fill the need.
CHARGING FOR MEDICAL FASTPASS – Medical FastPass are free to patients. Some of the joker broker medical facilitators are charging a fee to individual patients for the privilege of using Tijuana’s medical FastPass lane to cross the border heading to San Diego. This is illegal. The actual cost for the FastPass is roughly 75 cents. That is $0.75 USD. And one FastPass is good for everyone in the vehicle. Charging every patient $20.00 to as much as $50.00 USD needs to stop. It is illegal to sell a medical FastPass. The city government of Tijuana is cracking down on the abuses that have been going on, and we need your help to stop this nonsense. Demand that your get your FastPass for FREE.