Tijuana Medical Tourism Destination

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TIJUANA, Baja California, Mexico

Trinity Medical LOCATED in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico:  

Trinity Medical is the Premier Medical Group  located in Tijuana, BC, México.

Tijuana is a border town on the Baja California Peninsula of Mexico that provides access for international crossings between the United States and Mexico. Only 15 minutes away from San Diego airport, Tijuana, Mexico is a safe and affordable destination for quality medical care. The best deals for procedures like weight loss surgery can actually be found across the border in Tijuana.

Tijuana has world-renowned physicians, experienced staff, modern and well equipped hospitals. Over 50,000 United States citizens safely cross the US border every day, and 1 Million United State Citizens live in Mexico.

American and Canadian patients are traveling to Mexico to undergo inexpensive medical services. Medical Tourism Industry could reach $100 Billion by 2012, previously, the industry was worth $60 Billion in 2006 (McKinsey & Company). Mexico is driving American travelers offering dental work at one-fifth of US prices and inexpensive drugs. New hospitals have opened in Tijuana since some US health plans are now covering services in Mexico (Institute of Public Affairs Australia).

Tijuana offers top medical facilities, luxurious hotels, fine restaurants, beautiful beaches and extravagant nightlife. Tijuana has Spanish influence and visitors experience Mexican hospitality.