Trinity Medical: Best Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

Trinity Medical is the Premier Medical Group dedicated to provided Competitively Priced All-Inclusive Packages (*except airfare). The Medical and Surgical packages are made for Medical Tourists from around the World. We currently offer Affordable Weight Loss Surgery and Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeries. We proudly are the Best Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico.

LOCATED in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico: 

Tijuana is a border town on the Baja California Peninsula of Mexico that provides access for international crossings between the United States and Mexico. Only 15 minutes away from San Diego airport, Tijuana, Mexico is a safe and affordable destination for quality medical care. The best weight loss surgery in Mexico deals for procedures can actually be found across the border in Tijuana.

Tijuana has world-renowned physicians, experienced staff, modern and well equipped hospitals. Over 50,000 United States citizens safely cross the US border every day, and 1 Million United State Citizens live in Mexico.


What to expect after choosing Trinity Medical

From the moment that our friendly bilingual driver pulls up curbside at the San Diego International Airport in a Mercedes Benz Sprinter passenger van, you’ll recognize there is something different about Trinity Medical. You and your guests will be transported in our vans during your stay with us while you undergo your Affordable Weight Loss Surgery, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeries.

Who is going to take care of me at Trinity Medical?

Upon your arrival to our surgical facility you will be greeted by our registered nurse we affectionately call Mr. Nathan. Anything you may need or want please let Mr. Nathan know and he will do his best to make it happen. Guests may also request things such as food, or referral to a good restaurant: Nathan is your “go to guy.”

Is it safe to get surgical procedure in Tijuana?


We provide World Class Surgeons and Anesthesiologists

We provide first class medical care to our patients. Take some time and see what all of our patients are saying about our services in our Facebook group. Our Weight Loss surgical team does a maximum of 5 Affordable WeightLoss Surgery or Plastic & Reconstructive surgeries in one day. We give every patient the time they need during surgery.


You will meet and have time to speak with your surgeon (Weight Loss or plastics) before your surgery and have the opportunity to ask him any questions or concerns you may have. Also, you will see your surgeon before you leave and he will personally confirm that you are perfect and ready to go home.