Weight Loss Before and After of Courtney from Wasilla, Alaska.


“Hey Trinity Family! I thought I’d quickly
Check in and update on my progress from my sleeve surgery! I’m now 27 weeks post op (almost 7 months) and I’ve gone from 299 pounds to 170! I am officially at a healthy weight for my height (5’9) and have surpassed the goal I set for myself as well as my primary care doctor. I’m SO happy! I also celebrated a HUGE victory this week: Im officially in size 6dresses! I started in a size 22/24 and I never dreamed in a million years I’s be wearing a size 6!! I’d still like to lose about 10-15 more “vanity” pounds in preparation for my tummy tuck in September- but I’m not stressed about it. Im super heavy duty weight lifting now which has drastically reshape D my body but has slowed my scale losses. But, Im OK with that and SO happy with where I am!Thank you again to Trinity- a special shoutout toNathan– this would have never ever been possible without you by my side friend! Thank you to Dr G,Melissa and Jodi as well for your amazing skill and encouragement as medical professionals! I seriously can’t wait to see you all again ( I’ll bring Alaska goodies for you). Know that what you do makes such an incredible difference in people’s lives. So indebted…forever”VSG: 8/28/15
HW: 299
SW: 292
CW: 170
GW: 155-160??